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Khidkivada might sound strange to the everyone, who is encountering for the first time. But it’s quite familiar to Mumbai and Thane region of Maharashtra. There is a glorious history to this name. This is our story.

Mr. Yashawant Moreshwar Vaze, born at Marathi family in Kalyan, with an ordinary childhood. After his education he started working with Kohinoor mill no. 3, Shivajipark, Dadar.

December 6th, 1968 he got married to elder daughter from Gondhalekar family originally from Vardha district in Maharashtra. He was under the burden of loan, which he availed for marriage. With a limited salary of 300Rs, it wasn’t possible for them to repay the loans. On the 24th day after marriage, he along with wife Mrs. Uma, started a business to sell ‘Batate Vada’ (Indian burger made from potato) from the window grills of his house, known as ‘khidki’ in Marathi. (December 30th, 1968)

With a specialized spices (masala) and Mrs. Uma’s specialty cooking, the business started with 5kg of potato, with affordable cost of 10paise per vada, which soon got popularity in surrounding area.

Till that time, Potato vada was restricted to either restaurants or small scale stalls. But the concept of special place for ‘vada’ was a revolutionary concept. Mr. Vaze was the pioneer of concept ‘Special shop for Vadapav’ in Maharashtra.

He handled this business along with the job at Kohinoor mill, for almost fourteen years. After that he left his job and took over the business as a full-time venture. With never changing taste and bigger size of Potato Vada popularized his business all over. Vada served from Window (khidki), was termed ‘khidkivada’ by regular customers and later on became the brand name. But a by-product of popularity is misuse of the name, and it started immediately by others. Mr. Vaze registered the trademark ‘Khidkivada’ in 1991. Again he was the first businessman to register a trademark for Potato vada.

After this Mr. Vaze ventured into different businesses, namely Marriage hall, Catering, Sagarika Resort in Murud near Dapoli and Vaze bandhu Food Products etc.

Today, ‘Khidki Vada’ is available in the same size and taste, at every branch and franchise. The main reason behind it is the spice (Masala), is the same and prepared by the same methodology.

Celebrities Visited khidkivada outlets